Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 55

From the Black Tigers yesterday to a white tiger today. (Though we didn't actually see Arthur Tiger in person.)

Today we supported a nearby predator & exotic animal rescue facility called The Conservators' Center. We got to see jungle cats, servals, a bobcat, a lynx, lemurs, binturongs, red foxes, singing dogs, wolves, leopards, tigers, and lions. It was an impressive operation, and we'll definitely try to make it back.

In North Carolina, it is not illegal to keep exotic animals as pets, so many times people end up with animals they think are the coolest, only to find out they are in way over their heads. This facility takes animals out of bad situations and gives them the best life they can.

It was hard to get good photos because my camera wanted to focus on the chain link. But below are a few, plus a cool video at the end. 

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