Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 42

So when I started this project, it was on my 42nd birthday, and I noted there were 42 days between that day and World Kindness Day on November 13th. So how am I on Day 42 on November 11th?

Well, one could say that technically there are 42 days between 1 October and 13 November. Sure, that's what I meant. Because, I mean, I can totally count and stuff.

In the end it doesn't matter that much, because I'm already committed to overtime anyway.

Meanwhile, getting back to today, and back to my book theme from last week....

Actually, before we get to today, I need to take you further back in time. And then off into the mysterious future. But I'm getting ahead of myself... so to speak.

Wait, what were we talking about again?

Right. So, a while ago, I entered a short story contest. The challenge was to imagine a world where oil had become scarce - and one devoid of "alien space bats."

When I had what I thought was a reasonable story, I asked some trusted friends & acquaintances for their thoughts on it. I got very valuable feedback from a couple people who helped me improve the story enough that it was selected for publication... in an actual book that you can buy! The book, a collection of short stories on the same theme, was released in the midst of this project and is now making its way out into the world.

So finally getting back to today... I ordered two extra copies of the book, to be sent to the two aforementioned people as a "thank you."


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