Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1

This morning I was chatting with a friend. Not just any friend - one of my closest friends. Someone who knows first hand the stresses and challenges we've been dealing with lately. Someone  who is always willing to listen to me whine, even when her problems are bigger than mine.

When we were down to our last working vehicle, a 14 year old car with 273,000 miles on it, no working turn signals, and a trunk that pops wide open when you go over a bump, they lent us their truck. And it wasn't the first time. Not even the first time that month.

So I thought that was a good place to start with my random acts of kindness. While we were chatting, she was telling me (as we often tell each other) about lack of motivation, stress and fatigue. A little snippet of our conversation:

Im tired
and i don't want to clean
not one bit
ME: I'll come over and clean for you.
HER: thanks
ME: just let me know what needs done first
HER: dishes

She was very confused when I arrived at her house and started actually doing her dishes.

Random: Check.
Kind: Check.
Highly amusing and bewildering for my friend: Check

One down, 41 to go.